How confident are you in your job security? What would you do if the worst situation occurred and you found yourself let go from your position? Do you feel that being fired means you have no recourse? The Friedman Firm believes that you do. The firm’s motto is “If you are fired, you can fire back!” With the help of a Chicago employment law attorney, you can protect your rights as an employee, even when employers are quick to trample on them.

Serving Employees When They Need It Most

At the Friedman Firm, clients include everyone from working class individuals struggling to protect their jobs and avoid discrimination to executives working on a large severance agreement or employment contract. The firm represents everyone, from the newly employed fresh-out-of-college individual, to those nearing retirement and minorities of all types. Attorney Friedman’s goal is to provide help to those who need it most, no matter how high up on the corporate ladder they are.

Clients who partner with the Friedman Firm are guaranteed to get a high value for the fees charged. Attorney Friedman works to keep his costs low, so his employees can focus on their jobs and careers. He is a hard working, dedicated, knowledgeable and compassionate attorney who is able to work for an intelligent, peaceful resolution of employment disputes, while also providing aggressive representation in court when it is warranted.

Experienced Employment Lawyer Who Has Seen Both Sides of the Issue

Attorney Josh Friedman has a unique insight into the world of employment law. He began his career as an associate in a large law firm. After serving in the firm for 20 years, primarily representing large employers, Attorney Friedman found himself tired of the unfair practices he often saw. In order to focus on helping those who needed it most, he walked away from that law firm to represent employees on the other side of these disputes. In this way he found himself providing help for those whose very livelihoods demand understanding the ins and outs of employment struggles.

When your job, wages or benefits are under attack, your livelihood is threatened. You have rights as an employee, no matter how large your employer may be. Attorney Friedman is here to help you protect those rights, navigating the employment law minefield with ease and confidence. Call the Friedman Firm today for a free consultation to discuss your case.


  • Case Western Reserve University School of Law - J.D. - 1991
  • The University of Virginia - M.A. - 1986

Bar Associations

  • State Bar of Illinois

Client Reviews

I feel extremely fortunate to have been referred to Josh Friedman. Without his support and professional legal representation, I most likely would not have even pursued the matter. His guidance and positive...


Josh represented me for my appeal. He is definitely knowledgeable in employment laws and is very professional. He gave me a realistic analysis of the possible outcomes for my case but nonetheless prepared me...


I met attorney Josh Friedman in a case about my employment termination. I was very nervous not having any experience with this situation. He was so patient with me and my broken english and took the time to...


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