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Josh kept me up to date at all times and was on top of my case from start to finish. In my situation, my company had let me go after a heart attack and I was replaced with a younger salesman.


I feel extremely fortunate to have been referred to Josh Friedman. Without his support and professional legal representation, I most likely would not have even pursued the matter. His guidance and positive perseverance thoughout the process not only kept me from making legal mistakes, but most assuredly kept the process moving in the right direction. I feel that if I had not had the good fortune of Mr. Friedmans representation, I would not have attained any resolution. Due to his expertise, we pervailed with not only a financial resolution, but also (and even more importantly to me) a vindication of a wrong perpatrated against me. I hope to never need legal representation again, but I am very happy to report that this experience was a very positive one due to the very caring, supportive and professional expertise of Josh Friedman.


Josh represented me for my appeal. He is definitely knowledgeable in employment laws and is very professional. He gave me a realistic analysis of the possible outcomes for my case but nonetheless prepared me well for the appeal. I would have engaged Josh much earlier in the process when I have my disagreement with my employer before signing of the discharge agreement if I knew or had worked with Josh prior.


I met attorney Josh Friedman in a case about my employment termination. I was very nervous not having any experience with this situation. He was so patient with me and my broken english and took the time to listen and explain everything in detail that I needed to know. He responded to all my questions immediately. I could not have asked for someone to represent my case better than he did. He went above and beyond my expectations. I would use him again for anything. Trying to calm my anxiety down he assured me with uplifting words like “don’t be afraid” and “I am on your side” – words that meant a lot to me during this stressful time. He was friendly with me and very patient, but with my ex-employer during the hearing he was like a shark, quick, concise, and able to dispute their lies before they could even finish their sentence. At the same time he pays attention to the details of the case presented. Although I don’t know the output of my case yet, I would definitely recommend him to everyone looking for a top lawyer. He is a 5 star!!


I found Josh Friedman on this website. I was in a constant battle to keep my job despite a supervisor who routinely discriminated against me. He listened and advised me every step of the way. He sent his initial letter of intent and that got heads rolling. However, it was the retaliatory games that hit me like a thunderbolt. Josh did warn me about this tactic, and I must admit it was brutal. However, Josh was always a person who kept me grounded and determined. Even though I reluctantly did not sign off on the “final letter” that he drafted (it scared the crap out of me) I know I would not have made it as far as I did without his “legal” intelligence. Josh grasps the facts of the case quickly, always was available and always made you feel like he knew you .. like forever!! I would definitely go back to him if I need him in the future. Also, I have recommended him to fellow co-workers who are going through the same type of discrimination I was subjected to. Thank you Josh…


I found Josh on avvo and could not be happier with the professionalism and great experience that I received. He understood my situation and reassured me and informed me of the rights I had. I really felt strong having Josh represent me. He always followed up with me and made everything seamless and easy. I had a great client experience throughout and would recommend Josh for anyone with employment issues. Thanks for everything Josh!


I was referred to Josh Friedman by a colleague, so he could assist me with an issue I was having with a former employer. I hired Josh to handle a contract dispute over a severance agreement and share repurchase that was not being honored. Unlike other lawyers I’ve worked with, Josh took all the time needed to fully discuss and understand the issue, reviewed all the documents in short order, and put together a strategy that led to the desired outcome. I couldn’t be more pleased with the service I received throughout the entire process. I was so pleased, I’ve already recommended him to multiple other colleagues and associates that are facing similar issues.


I hired Josh to help negotiate a post-employment/severance agreement with a former employer. He made sure to explain all of my options and helped set reasonable expectations. Despite the other party being difficult to work with, Josh was always cool, calm, and collected. When the other party made unfavorable demands, Josh thought creatively and found compromises that worked for me. I am 100% satisfied with my experience, and I have already referred friends to him.

A Client

He is one of the best employment lawyers in town. He is humble, honest, smart and consistent, always put in the hard work for the best interest of his clients.


Josh helped me to settle a deal with my former employer. He is very knowledgeable and professional, always kept me updated with details, provided reasonable recommendations and opinion s. It took him a short time to get familiar with my situation and start pushing my case forward. I’m very pleased with the work he has done for me.


I was introduced to Josh through a friend who had engaged him for a labor dispute. She was extremely satisfied as he was able to settle for her and avoid costly court fees and expenses. I had a similar suit so I decided to work with Josh and I was very impressed. The outcome of the case was in my favor which was all due to Josh. Further, the process was draining, time consuming and introcate – Josh was a PRO every step of the way and handled everything with grace and professionalism. I would recommend him without hesitation.


I was so happy that I found Attorney Josh Friedman through AVVO. The whole experience from beginning to end was seamless. Josh definitely has the knowledge and experience in employment law and his expertise provided me with realistic expectations. It was a pleasure working with him and I appreciated his promptness when answering my questions/concerns. Best of all he has excellent negotiating skills and the cost to have him represent me was much less than I had expected compared to the research I did before I found him. Josh was able to get me the most favorable outcome to an unfavorable situation. If you are looking for an attorney to truly, genuinely, represent you then it would be in your best interest to hire Josh Friedman. Sincerely,

Jennifer B.

This is a follow-up to my previous review. I just received the decision from Unemployment after the hearing that I WON THE CASE and will receive unemployment benefits- this is thanks to Josh Friedman’s hard work to this case and his excellent representation! I am so happy that I went with him as my lawyer!


I had intended to hire Josh to write a letter for me then I chickened out – no fault of his. Indeed I plan to hire Josh in the future due to his kindness, knowledgeability and responsiveness. I have already recommended him to a friend of mine who is having issues with the same company.

Employment Client

I had intended to hire Josh to write a letter for me then I chickened out – no fault of his. Indeed I plan to hire Josh in the future due to his kindness, knowledgeability and responsiveness. I have already recommended him to a friend of mine who is having issues with the same company.

Employment Client

Josh is very knowledgeable and forthright in his approach. His immense knowledge and analysis based on understanding of the book of law benefited me. He is highly commendable.

A Client

josh is one of top lawyer ever met. he kept me informed all the time on my case that is very hard to find a lawyer to do that!!!


Josh did an excellent job for me. He went above and beyond all expectations, and was available even outside normal business hours when I really needed him. Josh always gave me a comprehensive overview of the possibilities of my case, and also gave great specific advice. I would definitely recommend him to a friend!


Josh was absolutely superb. I had an issue with an former employer (a major bank), regarding my compensation – they were making my life miserable, dragging me through low-end collections agencies and sending threatening letters, until Josh stepped in, reviewed the contract and resolved the issue within days. I also got excellent advice from him regarding how to seek further compensation for my time and emotional distress, and I would sincerely recommend him to anyone in need of legal advice. I had not dealt with attorneys much in the past, and any negative stereotypes that are usually associated with the profession, absolutely do NOT hold up with Josh.


I was recently released from my Employer, an employer that I dedicated 13 plus of years to. They were relatively a smaller firm with only 2000 employees. Josh took my case and explained the employment laws for my state, he also discussed options and gave me several options to pursue. His professionalism was always above par. I would gladly refer Josh because he’s proven no case is to small.


Mr. Friedman took my call, while on-the-go, and treated me as his sole point of attention, even though I knew that he was not in his office. I am not from the Chicago area, but Mr. Friedman was still willing to listen to my situation and give me a general opinion regarding a labor-related issue in down-state Illinois. Mr. Friedman’s level attention and professionalism were very appreciated. If this situation results in a legal case, I will definitely be hiring Mr. Friedman!


Josh advised me that my situation was worth pursuing but did not over-promise results. He presented my facts to the company and followed up in a way which elicited a favorable response. Josh is a great listener and very professional with everyone he engages on both sides. I strongly recommend you contact Josh if you have a labor related issue. Josh will let you know if it has merit and is worth pursuing… likely toward a favorable outcome.


I hired Attorney Friedman to help with pregnancy discrimination at work. I had a complicated, high risk pregnancy and my boss tried to force me on medical leave so she wouldn’t have to remember when I had medical appointments. My boss demanded I disappear for causing such an inconvenience. I was very angry and disappointed but felt relief after consulting with Attorney Friedman. He was able to work with my employer so that I received a settlement for the discrimination I experienced. I am so grateful for his help and am now able to focus on the joy of my new baby instead of the idiot boss I worked for.


Josh Friedman did and excellent job of helping me out in getting a settlement from my former employer, with whom I had been an employee for 23 years. I would recommend Mr. Friedman to anyone who has a specific problem in his field of expertise.

Fiona Shubrook

My previous experiences with Attorneys have not been ideal and I was hesitant in hiring an Attorney, this time around. This time around, I was dealing with matters regarding my previous employer, harassment and denial of unemployment benefits. I did my homework, as far as Attorneys were concerned. I narrowed my search down to Mr. Josh Michael Friedman; I decided to call Mr. Friedman and get an idea of what he would or would not be able to do for me. My first impression with Mr. Friedman was on the telephone and it was a good one. Mr. Friedman walked me through the reality of my hearing which was coming up; he didn’t paint any false picture in my mind. He just told me exactly what could and what could not happen … in a nutshell, he walked me through the entire process. Mr. Friedman is very knowledgeable, upfront and logical. Needless to say, we won our case!! I would recommend Mr. Josh Friedman, for legal matters regarding any/all components of Employment, Labor Matters, Benefits etc … It is/was a delight working with Josh. Thank you.


I hired Josh to assist with a non-compete case with a former employer. Since there were various lawyers hired from each side, he made sure to communicate to these multiple parties on my behalf, keeping me informed each step of the way. Regarding email communication, Josh was incredibly prompt, sometimes replying within minutes. On top of this, I felt like he cared about the actual outcome of my case, making it easy to work with him and during a stressful time, having him as my lawyer kept me at ease. He also encouraged me to appeal an unemployment denial, offering his services. I ended up winning the case, and knowing he has been on my side really helped me get through my legal troubles. If I ever need guidance again, I would absolutely rehire him.


I wouldn’t select an attorney simply because of online reviews, but Josh’s positive online reviews got him into my short list. I spoke to several attorneys as I was looking for legal help, and Josh was concise, clear, and logical, as opposed to some of the others who spoke at length to say something that could have been said in one sentence. My wife and I contacted two of Josh’s reference by phone, and they were very positive. Josh gave me great advice in my effort to collect money owed by a former employer. He laid out the pros and cons of various courses of action, including an explanation of the costs and time involved in suing the company. He didn’t push the litigation option, which would have been more profitable for him. His advice helped me decide to settle with the company. Josh made important changes to the settlement agreement. I recommend Josh for employer problems.


I met with Josh once to review my case (employment termination) and thereafter worked with him over the phone and via email. He gave me a realistic understanding of what my outcome would be, validated those expectations against my own goals, and then worked with my old employer and IDES to achieve a benefit which well exceeded his fee. He was professional and well-prepared throughout, and kept me informed as the case progressed. I would not have achieved this positive outcome without his advocacy. I greatly appreciate his help and would recommend him to others who have a dispute with their employer.


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